Welcome to MarsHill Technical Training Institute

Let me take this opportunity to introduce you to MarsHill Technical Training Institute. Mankind has since the beginning of time been plagued by different types of problems, both social and physical challenges. When solutions to an existing problem are found new problems tend to come up. The relevance and justification of the existence of technical institutes today shoud be the ability to provide solutions to the problems that haunt mankind.
I beleive that MarsHill Techncal Training Institute is a place where solutions to many problems should be sought. The Insitute is becoming a vibrant centre for hands on technical training.The themes taught in our institute through the courses go into the core of socio-economic development as well as peace and reconciliation.
I take this chance to welcome you to study in our institution for enhanced technical training for social cohension, human and economic development.

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To work with other stakeholders to provide and promote life-long technical training for socio-economic development.

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Enhanced technical training for socio-cohesion, human and economic development.

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Scaling the heights of education through technical skills.

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Pursue your Desired Career with Us


We train students on plumbing, technical drawings, installations maintenance of plumbing appliances &Heating Systems. The course prepares students for a professional career in Plumbing Works, Pipefitting, and related fields


Production Department

We are still receiving orders for WHEELBARROWS, SHOVELS/SPADES and RAKES which we do produce at our institute’s production workshop.

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